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  • NEKTON B-KOMPLEX protects against a vitamin B deficiency, helps against neurological disorders and aids the metabolism during illness and breeding.

  • NEKTON-S has been used successfully for years by bird owners,zoos and zoological gardens and above all by breeders.

  • Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of most animal species. It promotes a bird’s entire metabolism – protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral and water metabolic processes

  • After years of research and experiments NEKTON developed NEKTON-BIO to meet certain problems in a bird’s plumage and to ensure healthy feather growth in all types of birds.

  • Any bird under temporary treatment with antibiotics, as is the case during serious illness or while in quarantine, needs the support of this multi-vitamin supplement. 

  • Particularly valuable during times of stress. Effective aids to preventing deficiency diseases Excellent support during illness and/or treatment for seed-eating birds.

  • This careful blend of vitamins, amino acids, macro and trace elements is designed to meet the special needs of doves and gallinaceous birds. In water-soluble powder form this supplement can be added to your pet’s drinking water of soft food. A simple means to improve the performance and appearance of your show birds and help keep them in good health.

  • Contains the carotenoid Canthaxanthin to preserve and enhance red parts of plumage and deepen other colours. 

  • Achieves splendid red colouring through the natural carotenoid Beta-carotene. Especially effective on red parts of coloured canaries without affecting yellow plumage.

  • Prevent colours from fading or heighten yellow shades of plumage by adding NEKTON-GELB.

  • Probiotic for birds in container of 100 g. It only needs to put 1 g. by kg!

  • Probiotic for birds in container of 100 g. It only needs to put 1 g. by kg!

Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items